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Advanced Diagnostics Services for Windows Computers

Sooner or later you will have a serious computer problem. Everyone does. Regular diagnostics can help prevent this. Being prepared and having access to historical operational data will save time, money, down time, and a lot of frustration.
We reduce troubleshooting time by 90%.
Accurate and complete diagnostics are the key to fast and efficient troubleshooting. Other diagnostic systems just take a snapshot of current conditions when a problem arises. Our unique Helpdesk diagnostic system is totally different, and unique in the industry. No one else does what we do.
Imagine a flight data recorder for your computer.
Our Helpdesk system is always watching system level activity. A problem you have today may have actually started a week ago. Using our forensic like capabilities, we can reconstruct events down to the minute and have a solution in a fraction of the time manual diagnostics would require.
Contactless, full, fast and accurate diagnostics.
We are able to gather the relevant information we need to resolve problems in less than a minute. An in-person support specialist could work 4 hours a day for a month, and still would not be able to get the information we can. If your computer is your money-maker, you cannot afford to be without this,
Stop Ransomware before it does any damage.
You can be infected with Ransomware and not know it for weeks. It slowly probes your networks looking for other computers to infect. The stage is carefully set before it springs the trap. And, it all starts with one infected computer. We know the signs and can detect infections before something happens.
We save you time, money, and down time.
Manually gathering the type of information we record would take hours, and much of it is impossible to determine after-the-fact. This allows us to find and fix problems in minutes, and more importantly, find and fix the cause of the problem so it does not happen again.
Expert help from experienced developers.
We have been developing and publishing commercial software for Windows for over 25 years. You get help from programmers and engineers that know Windows down to the system level. Most consultants cannot offer this level of expertise.