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One button. Once a month. We do the rest.

Do you just need a one-time, on-demand in depth analysis performed for you? Click here.

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Simple, informative Helpdesk Client user interface.

How it works

Our Helpdesk system uses components from our popular LookInMyPC application suite. We originally developed this for in house use and later packaged it as a stand alone product. We use components of this in almost every software product we publish and it has helped resolve problems for thousands of customers.

The main component installs as a low level system service that runs silently in the background whenever your computer is on. It does all the real-time data collection. It does not slow down your computer or interfere with operation in any way. You will never notice that it is there.

We should stress that we never record any personal information, passwords, email addresses, website names, or anything remotely close that could identify anything about the user. We don't need any of that information, and we respect your privacy.

What kinds of data do we collect?

These are a few of the many things we keep watch so we can build effective reports and find problems quickly. Don't worry, our users don't have to know how to interpret any of this. We take care of all that for you.

Internet Activity Diagnostics

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We constantly watch incoming and outgoing internet access to help discover suspicious activity.

Your computer accesses thousands of addresses you never know about. We evaluate the address reputation and type of activity to determine if anything needs to be looked at more closely.

We can identify intruders and suspicious actors long before anti-virus programs can.

Event Log Monitoring

We also watch your Windows Event Logs for errors and warnings that indicate potential problems with the operating system and/or applications.

These types of reports are extremely cryptic in nature and typically include information that no average user would ever understand.

But we understand them, and if they indicate something that needs attention.
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Critical Folder Monitoring

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We collect information on activity in all the important folders on your computer.

It lets us see what programs may have been updated, modified, added or removed, or run without your knowledge.

This exposes tons of helpful data that we can use to trace the genesis of problems, and determine how and when they occurred.

Merged Diagnostic Data

We merge all the data we collect into one highly detailed report that allows us to completely reconstruct any event from any time period.

For example, say you download and install an app. We will know where it came from, the reputation of the source, what it installed or changed, and what it did during and after the installation.

If there is anything malicious or nefarious going on it will stand out to us like a beacon.
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Monthly diagnostic review keeps you problem free.

Every month we'll receive a diagnostic report from you that will be examined by an experienced professional for unusual events or activity. Then we'll let you know if everything is good or if we see things that need attention.

On-demand diagnostics gives you peace-of-mind.

If you are experiencing a problem, suspect something is wrong, or maybe you think you clicked on something you shouldn't have. You can submit a diagnostic report anytime, and we'll let you know what we find.
Please Note: Our subscription service covers diagnostic and troubleshooting services only. If we find a problem, we'll explain it to you in plain English and give you instructions on how to fix the problem. If you like, we can also use remote access software to log into your computer and fix the problem for you. With the exception of hardware problems, almost all problems can be resolved remotely. Our rate for Helpdesk subscribers is $80 per hour ($120 normally) with a 1/2 hour ($40) minimum. We can also do software installations, configurations and other tasks for you if you need it.